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Our Vision and Mission

Muslims4Mercy promotes goodwill through innovative community initiatives, and welcoming diversity, distributing cash/donations to the needy


Jum'ah in Action - 100 Meals a Week

Mercy-On-Wheels highlights local resident Muslims through highly visible participation in the well-being of the communities they reside and work in. Every Friday after Jum'ah Prayer, the Mercy on Wheels Van departs Muslims4Mercy headquarters to serve 100 hot meals and provide basic amenities to needy Tulsans.

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Speaking out against Islamaphobia and promoting the true face of Islam

Through dialog and education we emphasize the true face of Islam and Muslims as people of peace and goodwill. Our Mercy Speaks initiatives emphasize diversity and inclusion with the premise that You Belong and you have an important role in the dialog. Get in touch with us today and see how you can lend a helping hand and voice to these programs.


Welcoming Diversity / Improving Understanding

The Mercy Café is a welcoming gathering place for celebrating diversity established in the spirit of Islam.    The objective of the Mercy Café will be to create a community space for open dialog, education and the enjoyment of fellow Tulsans from all walks of life.    Food and beverage will be available based on a donation systems so all can benefit from the mercy of the Mercy Café.

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Join us in making a real difference.

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